viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Edición Digital Zappa Records.

FZ/The Mothers Of Invention
Zappa Records Official Digital Download
Released: Mother's Day 2009
Catalog Number: ZR20009
Produced by Tom Wilson and Frank Zappa

01. Brown Shoes Don't Make It 7:31
02. Mother People 1:42
03. Duke Of Prunes 5:07
04. Call Any Vegetable 4:23
05. The Idiot Bastard Son 2:25
06. It Can't Happen Here 3:18
07. You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here 3:40
08. Who Are The Brain Police? 3:32
09. Plastic People 3:42
10. Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:30
11. America Drinks And Goes Home 2:46

Album Info:
All selections Composed by FZ/Published by Frank Zappa Music, Ascap
Cover design by Cal Schenkel, NT&B

Director of engineering: Val Valentine

The Mothers of Invention and NT&B are divisions of Intercontinental Absurdities.

Engineered by Ami Hadani, Tom Hidley,
Gary Kelgren & Dick Kunc.

Mothermania was originally released on Vinyl, March, 1969. This compilation was created by FZ in a resolution agreement with MGM Verve over their endless-at-the-time-of-this-creation ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!! unauthorized & unappreciated by the Artist compilations from the original albums in release by Verve.

About this download: The original 2-track 15 ips analog masters were transferred at 96k 24b by Joe Travers at UMRK. Track 4 is an exclusive edit by FZ and as such, a derivative work of the original. All mixes are exclusive to this release EXCEPT Tracks 1, 3, 4, 9 & 11. These songs are copyrighted 1967. Vive la difference in the mastering. This is our first Official Digital Download at Barfko-Swill of Frank Zappa on Zappa Records.

Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers for UMRK & the Zappa Family Trust. Info & NT&B by gz.

2009 Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios.

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