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Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada & Mick Pini - Hamburger Midnight (2002)

01. Political Man (03:55)
02. Hey Baby, I Feel So Good(3:03)
03. Directly From My Heart To You (4:54)
04. Blonde Haired Woman (3:58)
05. 44 Blues & How Many More Years (5:49)
06. Is It Me Or Is It You (3:30)
07. Hideaway (4:04)
08. Hamburger Midnight Blues (4:36)
09. I Won't Be Your Fool No More (4:19)
10. Evil (3:23)
11. On The Road Again (4:15)
12. Slinkin' Around (2:32)
13. Enron Blues (3:37)

Mick Pini (Slide, Lead Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals)
Peter Bruder (Rhythm Guitar & Harmonica)
Gregor Wittner (Piano & Organ)
Roy Estrady (Bass & Vocals)
Jimmy Carl Black (Drums & Vocals)


Jimmy Carl Black & The X-tra Combo - Mercedes Benz (2003)

01. Mercedes Benz
02. Caledonia
03. Willin'
04. Big Leg Emma
05. (Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
06. Hoochie Coochie Man
07. Ocean Of Love
08. Lady Queen Bee
09. Low Ridin' Man
10. Road Ladies
11. Blue Eyed Woman
12. Demasiado Corazon
13. Black Cadillac
14. I Wish


Jimmy Carl Black - Is Singin' the Blues (2002)

2002 release which collects 19 songs from his legendary career with some of the bands he has played with over the years. On most songs he is just singing but on some of them he is also playing the drums as well. Little collection of great songs!

01. Big Leg Emma (3:30)
02. Low Ridin' Man (4:47)
03. Sick 'n' Tired (3:47)
04. 44 Blues (How Many More Years) (5:53)
05. Evil (3:26)
06. Hoochie Coochie Man (3:46)
07. I'm Willin' (5:27)
08. On the Road Again (4:18)
09. I'm a King Bee (3:52)
10. Hamburger Midnight (4:41)
11. Mercedes Benz (4:43)
12. Lonely, Lonely, Nights (2:34)
13. Look at Me, I'm in Love Again (3:04)
14. My Blonde Haired Woman (4:01)
15. Road Ladies (4:55)
16. Lady Queen Bee (4:23)
17. Who Did You Love (2:59)
18. Teenage Credit (2:33)
19. The Enron Blues (3:38)

Parte 1
Parte 2

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Transparency LP (1968)

1. Why Don't You Do Me Right
2. Who Needs The Peace Corps
3. Concentration Moon
4. Mom & Dad
5. Bow Tie Daddy
6. Harry You're A Beast
7. What's the Ugliest Part Of Your Body
8. Absolutely Free
9. Cheap thrills
10. Excerpt From Lumpy Gravy
11. Wowie Zowie
12. Flower Punk
13. Later that Night
14. Let's Make The Water Turn Black
15. Lonely little Girl
16. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
17. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body (Reprise)
18. America Drinks
19. Status Back Baby
20. Uncle Bernie's Farm
21. Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
22. Big Leg Emma

A compilation of the early years of FZ and the MOI.
An important record as it contains the mega rare singles Big Leg emma and Why Don’t You Do Me Right in Mono and the only time they appear on a Verve record at 33rpm.
This first press cover incorrectly states these two tracks were never released in the UK - wrong - they were.
This error was soon corrected so the later issues had the incorrect text removed making this cover quite rare and collectable for FZ fans.
This original cover also has the Rock Flashbacks special price sticker still on the front, again not on the later versions. The cover is nice too, with a great FZ picture on the colour slide front. This record is essential for any serious FZ collector, especially with the original error text on the front.

This discription and photograph is for the the record sold by BETTER ON VINYL and discribes this record only. Very rare near mint first UK pressing on VERVE, 1975. Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention. Unlaminated sleeve in near new condition, can't fault it. The vinyl looks and sounds unplayed, graded near mint. A fabulous collection of Zappa in as new condition. Unique material: strange edits of We're Only In It for the Money tracks. Hear music as its meant to be heard, before the remastering madness. I only sell albums that are in very good to near new condition. I do not sell records with writing or labels on them or records that are warped or jump. All records will be posted with extra card stiffeners. If you feel the album is not as discribed I will give a full refund.


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Paul McCartney @ My Birthday


Preparensé para el super especial que armé de Paul para el día de su cumpleaños! Sus mejores canciones, demos, radio oobu joobu, los dos ultimos conciertos de Wings, en vivo Argentina del 11 de Noviembre, y muchisimo más !


martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Penguin In Bondage EP (2011)

01 – Penguin In Bondage

Written and Performed by Frank Zappa with the Mothers of Invention
Recorded at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois at the stroke of midnight on the Day of
The Mothers, 10 May 1974


FZ: Guitar, Vocals
George Duke: Keys, Vocals
Jeff Simmons: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock: BG Vocals, Sax
Don Preston: Synthesizer
Bruce Fowler: Trombone
Walt Fowler: Trumpet
Tom Fowler: Bass
Ralph Humphrey: Drums
Chester Thompson: Drums

4 Track 1/2″ analog tape – Edit Master by Frank Zappa
Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin, UMRK, May 2011
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers, UMRK, April 2011
Original tape transfer to WAV through Euphonix converters to Nuendo at 96K 24B via ATR 4-Tk plus
edit in gtr solo at reel change & the fade over and out by Vaultmeister.

Executrix & Art Concept by – GZ
Renderment & Photoshoppage by Mike Mesker
Production Management by Melanie Starks
Shoppage by Susan Ledgerwood & Antonio
Lower case opinions by gz, jt & kurt morgan

©(P) 2011 Zappa Records
PIBTLKSOTMOI by FZ & published for the cosmos by Munchkin Music.

It’s a 26-minute single track, available for digital download on the iTunes store for $6.99. iTunes is linked directly from zappa.com, and I don’t see it on Amazon or other digital etailers (yet).


viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

East Lansing 1974 (Soundboard)

1974 11 23 - Jenison Fieldhouse, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
125 min, SBD, A

Tush Tush Tush,
Village Of The Sun,
Echidna's Arf,
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?,
Penguin In Bondage,
T'Mershi Duween,
Dog Meat,
Building A Girl,
Dinah-Moe Humm,
Camarillo Brillo,
The Booger Man (incl. Adventures Of The Space Booger, Little Red Book, Marty Had A Little Lamb, Nowhere riff),
Chunga's Revenge,
Oh No,
Trouble Every Day

Lineage : Master tape > Tape > Tape Maxell XLII > Sony cassette tc-we475 > Audigy 2 24/96 > sf10 downsample iZOTOPE MBIT+,64BITSRC 16/44.1


Washington DC 1974 (Soundboard)

1974 05 04 D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington DC 12 min, SBD, A-
Lineage : Master Tape > Tape > Tape Maxell XLIIS > Sony cassette deck ) > Monster Cable > Audigy 2 > SOUNDFORGE "Noise reduction WAVES PLUGINS" > TLH > DVD DATA > Soundforge > TLH

Advanced Be Bop Jazz Session (incl Giant Steps, Little Coquette, Sweet Leilani, Ornithology),
It Can't Happen Here,
Hungry Freaks Daddy,
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here