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Frank Zappa - Joe's Demoge - (1980.02.09 + 1980.01.28)

01 Theme From James Bond [0:45]
02 Theme From Addams Family [0:27]
03 Medley - Addams Family - James Bond - My Three Sons - Mongoloid [1:03]
04 Medley - Mongoloid - Rock Lobster - Heart Of Glass [1:56]
05 Medley - Addams Family - James Bond - My Three Sons - Mongoloid - Rock Lobster - Heart Of Glass - I Love Lucy - My Sharona [6:21]
06 Sister Don't Wanna Get Drafted [3:23]
07 I'm Too Busy Dancing [7:01]
08 Medley - Addams Family - James Bond - My Three Sons [0:34]
09 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted [4:08]
10 I'm Too Busy Dancing [3:50]
11 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted Instrumental & Ike Backgroundvocal [6:33]
12 I'm A Beautiful Guy Incl. My Generation [2:12]
13 Nite Owl - Joe's Garage [2:16]
14 Mystery Rehearsal Piece [2:08]
15 I'm A Beautiful Guy - Mystery Rehearsal Piece [3:06]
16 Guitar Improvisation [0:48]
17 Guitar Solo Over Mudd Club [3:49]
18 Mudd Club - Ain't Got No Heart [5:42]
19 Village Of The Sun Improvisation [2:14]
20 Mudd Club Rehearsal [4:44]
21 Mudd Club - Mo's Vacation Incl. Little Bitty Pretty One [4:16]
22 Mo's Vacation Improvisation [4:20]
23 Guitar Solo Over I'm A Beautiful Guy Riff [2:28]
24 Sinister Footwear [3:36]
25 Think Walks Amok [2:01]

Some infos, taken from the cover:
Track 01-12 recorded live at UMRK studio on 9th February 1980
Track 13-15 recorded live at UMRK studio on 28th January 1980 (I think here is a typo, it should be Track 13-25)

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Frank Zappa - The Frank Zappa Aaafnraaaaam Birthday Bundle (2011)

01 – Wowie Zowie
02 – Bobby Brown (Se Upp For F-N)
03 – Yellow Snow
04 – Magic Fingers
05 – Dirty Love
06 – Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
07 – Dead Girls of London (vm)
08 – Another Variation of the Formerly Secret
09 – Peaches (Vienna 88)
10 – Cosmik Debris
11 – Sleep Dirt
12 – Evelyn, A Modified Dog
13 – Love of My Life

All tracks ℗ 2011 Zappa Records & tracks 2 & 11 are under exclusive license to the Zappa Family Trust for this Compilation/Bundle.

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The Frank Zappa Aaafnraaaaam Birthday Bundle (iTunes 2011)

aaafnraaaaam 2011

Happy Birthday Frank!

01. "Wowie Zowie" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Mathilda Plum Doucette Zappa
Produced by Gail Zappa
Vocals Recorded & Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin for UMRK
Lead Vocals - Mathilda Plum Doucette Zappa
All Background Vocals - Joe Travers
Original Track Produced by Frank Zappa:
Guitar - Frank Zappa
Rhythm Guitar - Elliot Ingber
Tambourine - Ray Collins
Xylophone - Gene Estes
Bass - Roy Estrada
Drums - Jimmy Carl Black
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

02. "Bobby Brown (Se Upp För F-N)" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Lise & Gertrud
Vocals - Lise Hummel & Gertrud Stenung
Cello - Gertrud Stenung
Lyrics by Lise & Gertrud by permission of The Zappa Family Trust © 2009 ZFT

03. "Yellow Snow" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Serj Tankian
Engineered, Produced & Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin
Backround Vocals - S Gonzalez, B Thomas, C Norton
Guitar - Orbel Babayan, Jaime Kime
Horns - Scheila Gonzalez, Ben Thomas
Keys - Chris Norton
Vibes - Billy Hulting
Bass - Kurt Morgan
Drums - Joe Travers
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

04. "Magic Fingers" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Rama Duke
Engineered, Produced & Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin
Vocals - Rama Duke
Guitar - Orbel Babayan
Keys - Zoux
Bass - Kurt Morgan
Drums - Joe Travers
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

05. "Dirty Love" by Frank Zappa
Artist: The Dirty Diamond
Engineered, Produced & Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin
Lead Vocal - Sam Babayan
Backround Vocals - Rama Duke
Guitar - Adam Schalke, Orbel Babayan, Sam Babayan
Keys - Zoux
Bass - Narek Pogosyan
Drums - Shay Godwin
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

06. "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Pancho and Sancho
Engineered, Produced & Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin
Guitar, Vocals - Orbel "Pancho" Babayan
Guitar, Vocals - Alexy "Sancho" Yeghikian
Trumpets - Brian Garfield
Saxamaphone - Colin Kupka
Trombone - Craig Kupka
Keys - Sandro Rebel & Chris Norton
Bass - Artyom Manukyan
Drums - Mike Schron
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

07. "Dead Girls of London (vm)" by L Shankar & Frank Zappa
Artist/Producer: Frank Zappa
Lead Vocal - Van Morrison
Background Vocals - Vicky Blumenthal
Acoustic & 5 string Electric Violin - Shankar
Acoustic & Electric Guitars - Phil Palmer
Fender Rhodes, Organ, Acoustic Piano, Synthesizer - James Lascelles
Bass - Dave Marquee
Drums - Simon Phillips
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

08. "Another Variation Of The Formerly Secret" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Frank Zappa
(Recorded live at The Palladium, NYC, 30 October 1980)
Produced by Frank Zappa
Mixed with Bob Stone at UMRK, ca. 1981
Original Recording Engineer: George Douglas
Digitally transferred from original 1/4" analog stereo mix master at 96K 24B by Joe Travers, UMRK
Lead Guitar - Frank Zappa
Rhythm Guitar - Steve Vai, Ray White, Ike Willis
Keyboards - Tommy Mars, Bob Harris
Bass - Arthur Barrow
Drums - Vinnie Colaiuta
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

09. "Peaches (Vienna 88)" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Frank Zappa
Recorded Live at Stadhall 8 May 1988
Produced by Frank Zappa
Mixed with Bob Stone, UMRK
Transferred from 1630 digital mix master by Joe Travers, UMRK
Guitar - FZ
Guitar, Keyboards - Mike Keneally
Keyboards - Bobby Martin
Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Synth - Walt Fowler
Trombone - Bruce Fowler
Saxes - Paul Carman
Tenor Sax - Albert Wing
Baritone Sax, Contrabass Clarinet - Kurt McGettrick
Percussion - Ed Mann
Bass - Scott Thunes
Drums, Electronic Percussion - Chad Wackerman
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

10. "Cosmik Debris" by Frank Zappa
Artist: FZ with DZ/ZPZ
Vocals, Guitar - Frank Zappa
Guitar - Dweezil Zappa
Vocal - Ray White
Sax, Keys, Vocals - Scheila Gonzales
Keys - Aaron Arntz
Percussion - Billy Hulting
Bass - Pete Griffin
Drums, Vocals - Joe Travers
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

11. "Sleep Dirt" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Pete Griffin
Recorded, Produced, Mix by Pete Griffin
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

12. "Evelyn, A Modified Dog" by Frank Zappa
Artist: Jamie Kime
Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin, UMRK
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

13. "Love of My Life" by Frank Zappa
Artist - Jerry Lawson
Produced by Gail Zappa
Recorded, Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics

All tracks ℗ 2011 Zappa Records & tracks 2 & 11 are under exclusive license to the Zappa Family Trust for this Compilation/Bundle.

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Frank Zappa - The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle (colección)

The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle (2010)
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle (2008)
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle (2006)
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From Straight To Bizarre - Zappa, Beefheart, Alice Cooper and LA's Lunatic Fringe

Language English
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Sexy Intellectual
Run Time: 161 minutes
Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item

The impulse for artists and musicians to form their own record labels are many. But often these endeavours are little more than vanity projects for which enthusiasm wanes when the first rush of releases fail to take off. The are exceptions to this rule however, especially when the boss is a bit smarter than the average guitar hero! So it was with Frank Zappa. Desperate to remove himself from his original deal with Verve Records, in 1968 he set up the Bizarre and Straight labels in league with manger Herb Cohen, and so began a string of releases which remain extraordinary in the extreme. Records by Frank himself and with his Mothers of Invention would rub shoulders in the label's racks with releases by notorious paranoid schizophrenic and part time songwriter, Wild Man Fischer, ex-groupies the all female GTOs, acapella gospel collective The Persuasions, the first clutch of Alice Cooper records, Tim Buckley's enigmatic Starsailor, live recordings by Lenny Bruce and Lord Buckley, and a range of other musical oddities generally of a quite startling quality despite their oft-eccentric content. But it would be a 1969 release by the Mother Superior's old teenage buddy Don Van Vliet - by then long re-christened Captain Beefheart - that would provide the art-statement for which the Bizarre/Straight enterprise is remembered best, and which remains to this day the pinnacle of achievement, not just at the House of Zappa & Cohen, but, for many, also within the normal confines of the genre loosely termed 'Rock & Roll'. To suggest that Trout Mask Replica - for it is this sonic marvel of which we speak - moved-the-goalposts is akin to claiming Jack the Ripper had 'an eye for the ladies'! This film revisits and reviews the astonishing music that came out on Bizarre and Straight, and reveals the background, operations and, crucially, the lives of the musicians, performers and management who made these labels the legendary reality they became.

Release Date: February 21, 2012

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PRE-ORDER Frank Zappa - Bat Chain Puller CD

Ya está a la venta el nuevo lanzamiento de ZAPPA RECORDS !

The Magic Band - Leeds Irish Centre, UK (2011)

The Magic Band
The Irish Centre
Leeds, UK

01. Introduction
02. Steal Softly Thru Snow
03. Abba Zaba
04. Low Yo Yo Stuff
05. Diddy Wah Diddy
06. Smithsonian Institute Blues (The Big Dig)
07. Bass Solo
08. When it Blows it Stacks
09. Nowadays a Women's Gotta Hit a Man
10. Clear Spot
11. Circumstances
12. Kandy Korn *
13. Hair Pie **
14. Drum Solo **
15. On Tomorrow **
16. Alice in Blunderland **
17. My Human Gets Me Blues **
18. Suction Prints
19. Grow Fins
20. The Floppy Boot Stomp [take one]
21. The Floppy Boot Stomp [take two]
22. Click Clack
23. Electricity
24. Moonlight on Vermont
25. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

* Drumbo takes the drums mid song
** Drumbo on drums

Total [01:54:25]

John 'Drumbo' French - vocals, drums
Mark 'Rockette Morton' Boston - bass
Denny 'Feelers Reebo' Walley - guitar
Eric Klerks - guitar
Craig Bunch - drums

As with the Liverpool show at the Kazimier, I travelled down from Glasgow to watch and record The Magic Band at Leeds Irish Centre. In comparison, the two recordings are completely different styles of live tape – both with their own qualities. The Liverpool show was recorded from the back of the floor area, near the soundboard and above the audience giving it a sound quality that certainly has a degree of 'distance' and space. This Leeds show, by contrast, is recorded at the front, near the right-hand PA speaker, giving this recording a much more 'immediate' sound. It's very clear audio and at times could be mistaken for a soundboard recording as the sound is so direct. A recording like this would have been impossible at the Liverpool show because there were large groups of people having drinks and conversations around the PA system so the recording would have been ruined. Understandably, Liverpool was a Saturday night show with the atmosphere to match. The Leeds audience weren't quite as wild on a Thursday night so that made for more favourable taping conditions - there's hardly any talking recorded during this show, which was a great relief as I really wanted to get a good capture of The Magic Band. Unfortunately there are a few instances of 'crackle' which have been introduced by either a dry contact or loose wire or something - but luckily these are few. Disappointingly, Moonlight on Vermont is a bit of a right-off due to several drop outs but everything else sounds very good.

The band was in great form as per usual and John 'Drumbo' French comments that he's "never felt such team work from a group, ever" and that this band has really got it together. All the guys looked really happy to be playing and enjoyed the Leeds audience - this was their third time playing Leeds since reforming in 2001! As this was the last show of the 'mini-tour' Drumbo seemed to be losing his voice a little but this was just when speaking to the audience rather than when singing - as ever, Drumbo's vocals were top notch! There's also a great extended drum intro on Abba Zaba.

It looks like this line up will probably be back in the UK in the first half of 2012 as their date at All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) was postponed until March, hopefully they'll stick a few extra dates in there too - they should really come further north this time!


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Live Concert on 1971/10/11 at NYC Carnegie Hall (4 cds)

DISC ONE (tt 53:13)
I Just Can’t Work No Longer (Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler) 2:32
Working All The Live Long Day/ Chain Gang (Trad./Sam Cooke) 2:20
Medley #1 tt 7:28
Pieces of A Man (Jerry Galen Foster, Wilburn Rice) 2:53
Buffalo Soldier (David Barnes, Margaret Ann Lewis, Mira Ann Smith) 4:33
Medley #2 tt 2:36
Medley #3 tt 3:14
FZ SHOW 1 (tt 27:29)
Hello (to FOH)/ Ready?! (to the BAND) 1:03
Call Any Vegetable 10:36
Anyway The Wind Blows 4:00
Magdalena* (Zappa/Kaylan) 6:08
Dog Breath 5:41

DISC TWO (tt 54:41) FZ SHOW 1
Peaches En Regalia 4:24
Tears Began To Fall 2:32
Shove It Right In 6:32
King Kong 30:25
200 MOTELS Finale 3:41
Who Are The Brain Police? 7:08

DISC THREE (tt 45:13) FZ SHOW 2
Auspicious Occasion 2:45
DIVAN (tt 19:45) 2011 persists of:
Once Upon A Time 5:40
Sofa #1 3:11
Magic Pig 1:43
Stick It Out 4:54
Divan Ends Here 4:17
Pound For A Brown 6:03
Sleeping In A Jar 2:46
Wonderful Wino* (Zappa/Simmons) 5:46
Sharleena 4:52
Cruising For Burgers 3:17

DISC FOUR (tt 62:42) FZ SHOW 2
Billy The Mountain – Part 1 28:33
Billy The Mountain – the Carnegie solos 13:31
Billy The Mountain – Part 2 5:37
The $600 Mud Shark Prelude 1:27
The Mud Shark 13:35

cd1 www.mediafire.com/download.php?uaw55hdo2sa5a1u
cd2 www.mediafire.com/download.php?2p84ra99dfleqf6
cd3 www.mediafire.com/download.php?9gbr0y2kbyvkbww
cd4 www.mediafire.com/download.php?u2r3oo8iqu8nhud

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Zappa Plays Zappa - San Francisco (2010-12-01)

Zappa Plays Zappa
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

00. intro
01. The Gumbo Variations
02. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
03. Nanook Rubs It
04. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
05. Father O'Blivion
06. Cosmik Debris
07. Excentrifugal Forz
08. Apostrophe
09. Uncle Remus
10. Stink-Foot
11. Dweezil banter
12. Redunzl
13. Drum Solo
14. Jones Crusher
15. Inca Roads
16. Dweezil pulls Alex from the audience to play guitar
17. Dynamo Hum
18. Keep it Greasy
19. I promise Not To Cum In Your Mouth / Cruisin' For Burgers
20. Baby Snakes
21. Titties and Beer
22. Muffin Man

Dweezil Zappa - guitar, vocals
Scheila Gonzalez - tenor & alto saxes, flute, keyboards, vocals
Pete Griffin - bass, vocals
Billy Hulting - marimba, mallets, percussion, vocals
Jamie Kime - guitar, vocals
Ben Thomas - lead vocals, trumpet
Joe Travers - drums, vocals


Riccardo Fassi Tankio Band - Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa (1995)

La big band de Riccardo Fassi Tankio.
Aunque la mayor parte del disco está lleno de esforzados arreglos jazzísticos e increíbles sólos de saxo, este gran gran ensamble contamina su música con cierta dósis de la música clásica del siglo XX. Y esto lo encontramos en tracks como Medley e Igor's Boogie, que lo convierten en toda una propuesta fenomenal. De la misma forma, Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue conserva la rareza de los teclados y sintetizadores de la versión zappiana.

1. Uncle Meat
2. Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
3. King Kong
4. Medley
5. Twenty Small Cigars
6. America Drinks and Goes Home
7. Igor's Boogie
8. Idiot Bastard Son
9. Oh No
10. Peaches and Regalia

Riccardo Fassi - keyboards, synthesizer,leader,arranger
Claudio Corvini - trumpet
Giancarlo Ciminelli - trumpet, flugelhorn
Mario Corvini - trombone
Massimo Pirone - tuba, bass and tenor trombone
Sandro Satta - alto saxophone
Michel Audisco - alto and soprano saxophone
Torquato Sdrucia - baritone saxophone
Fabio Zeppetella - guitar
Luca Pirozzi - bass
Alfredo Minotti - percussion
Alberto D'Anna - drums
Francesco Lo Cascio - vibes, marimba
Flavio Boltro - trumpet, flugelhorn (tracks 5,7,10)
Francesco Marini - alto, sopran and sopranino saxophones (tracks 1,2,3,5,8)
Riccardo Luppi - flute, piccolo (tracks 1,4,7)
Antonello Salis - accordeon (track 10)
Mike Applebaum - first trumpet (track 4)


LeBocal - Oh No!, Just Another Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue (2003)

LeBocal es un ensamble francés que, con sistema acústico, eléctrico y voces, rinde un homenaje soberbio al guitarrista de Baltimore, y que entre otros asuntos llama la atencion porque en los créditos de este disco se encuentra nada menos que el saxofonista Guillamue Perret de los inmensos y prometedores Electric Epic.

1. Oh No! - (Instrumental Version)
2. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
3. King Kong
4. Idiot Bastard Son, The
5. Little Umbrellas
6. Air, The
7. Grand Wazoo, The
8. Duke of Prunes, The
9. Blessed Relief
10. Mr. Green Genes
11. Oh No! - (Vocal Version)

Ernie Odoom (vocals, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Cyril Moulas (guitar, electric guitar, electric bass);
Éric Minen (acoustic guitar, electric guitar);
Laurent Zeller (electric violin);
Claude Roux (clarinet, bass clarinet);
Patrick Montessuit (bass clarinet, baritone saxophone);
Guillaume Perret (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Diego Fano, Amaury Bach (alto saxophone);
Jean François Baud (trumpet, flugelhorn);
Loïc Burdin, Guillaume Lavallard, Vincent Stephan (trumpet);
Vincent Camer, Glenn Ferris, Jean Philippe Deprez, Jérémie Creix, Stéphane Monnet (trombone);
Thierry Girault (piano, Fender Rhodes piano);
Rita Marcotulli (piano);
Luc Détraz (double bass, tambourine);
Pierre Yves Desvignes (drums);
Sébastien Cordier (timpani)


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Zappa Plays Zappa - The Venue - Horseshoe Casino (August 20, 2011)

Zappa Plays Zappa
The Venue - Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, IN
August 20, 2011

CA-14 (Omni) > CA-9100 > Sony M10 (line-in 24/44) > > USB > Cool Edit Pro (slight EQ, fades, gain boost) > iZotope RX Advanced (dither) > CDWAV > FLAC

  1. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
  2. Willie the Pimp
  3. Dancin' Fool
  4. Cheepnis
  5. Pojama People
  6. Fifty-Fifty (instrumental with Jean Luc Ponty)
  7. Big Swifty
  8. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
  9. Nanook Rubs It
  10. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
  11. Rollo
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Frank Zappa - Amsterdam (1968-10-20)

Frank Zappa

01. Intro Jam (incl. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)
02. Help I'm A Rock / Transylvania Boogie / Drum Duet
03. Dog Breath
04. The String Quartet
05. Gas Mask
06. The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley

Frank Zappa: Guitar & Vocals
Ian Underwood: Alto Sax & Piano
Bunk Gardner: Tenor Sax & Clarinet
Euclid James Motorhead Sherwood: Baritone Sax & Tambourine
Roy Estrada: Bass & Vocals
Don Preston: Electric Piano & Odd Noises
Arthur Dyer Tripp III: Drums & Percussion
Jimmy Carl Black: Drums


Frank Zappa - Detroit (1968-04-28)

Frank Zappa
The Grande Ballroom
Early Show

01. Green Genes 10:06
02. Hungry Freaks Daddy 3:40
03. America Drinks 2:05
04. King Kong 9:10
05. Impro 4:24
06. Medley (Handsome Cabin Boy - Wedding Dress Song - Dog Breath - Little House) 6:42
07. Status Back Baby 4:25
08. The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley 17:15


¿Zappa Plays Zappa en Argentina 2012?

Frank Zappa - The Ritz [New York City, NY] (1981)

Frank Zappa
1981 11 17 - The Ritz, New York, NY
170 min, Aud, B+
160 min, FM, A+/A

With Al DiMeola on guitar (*) and Brian Peters on vocals (**). The FM recording lacks the first song, and has some other cuts.

01 Emcee Intro, crowd noise [3:24] °°° entire track from Yojimbo source (AUD1)
02 Treacherous Cretins [6:49] °°° from fzmoi69 source (AUD2), switch to robsam FM source at 5:32-39 (crossfade)
03 Montana [3:45]
04 Easy Meat [8:55] °°° flaws/distortion at 7:45, common to all FM source versions
05 You Are What You Is [3:39] °°° AUD2 source patch {0:48-1:55}
06 Mudd Club [2:45]
07 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing [3:08]
08 Dumb All Over [6:43]
09 Heavenly Bank Account [3:59] °°° AUD2 source patch {1:17-2:47}
10 Suicide Chump [5:41]
11 Jumbo Go Away [3:40]
12 Envelopes [3:10]
13 Drowning Witch [parts on SATLTSADW] [11:42] °°° AUD2 source patch {1:55-3:18} °°° FM 1 source patches {3:48-3:53} and {8:38-9:01}
14 What's New In Baltimore? [6:08]
15 Moggio [2:32] °°° AUD2 source patch {1:09-2:29}
16 Bamboozled By Love [5:31] °°° cuts off at end
17 Sinister Footwear [10:06] °°° applause mixed in at start, AUD2 source patch {10:05-end}
18 Stevie's Spanking [parts as basic track on TOU] [8:02] °°° AUD2 source patch {0:00-1:37}
19 Cocaine Decisions [3:37]
20 Nig Biz [4:59]
21 Doreen [1:59] °°° AUD1 source patch {0:22-1:17} °°° FM 2 source patch {1:32-1:39}
22 Goblin Girl [2:23]
23 Black Page #2 (q: Smoke On The Water) [10:19]
24 Tryin' To Grow A Chin [2:23] °°° AUD1 source patch {2:21-end}
25 Strictly Genteel [7:17] °°° AUD1 source patch {0:00-1:08}
26 Clowns On Velvet* [parts as basic track on TF] [7:07]
27 Ride Like The Wind*/** [5:46]
28 Zoot Allures [parts on Truck Driver Divorce, TOU] [11:12]
29 This Is My Story [2:09] °°° AUD1 source patch {1:05-2:04}
30 Whipping Post [6:33]
31 Watermelon In Easter Hay [5:34] °°° FM 2 source patch {5:27-end}

Frank Zappa's Band, September 1981 - July 1982:
FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman,
Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin.
With Al DiMeola* on guitar (on #27,28) and Brian Peters** on vocals (on #28)

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sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe'

Jack Bruce, a principios de los 60 comenzó a moverse en la escena del nuevo blues inglés, trabajando con Alexis Korner y con Graham Bond. Después se unió a los Bluesbreakers de John Mayall. En 1966, junto a Eric Clapton y Ginger Baker, formó el grupo Cream, con éxitos como Sunshine of Your Love o I Feel Free. Tras la disolución del grupo en 1969 inició su carrera en solitario, todavía en marcha. Albumes en que aparece: Apostrophe (') bajo

Frank Zappa & Al DiMeola - Clownz on Velvet

El gran guitarrista Al Di Meola, "otro gran italiano", subió a tocar un par de temas con el grupo de Zappa el 17 de noviembre de 1981 en NYC. "Clownz On Velvet", procedente de esta actuación, iba a aparecer en un álbum de Zappa llamado Chalk Pie, que nunca llegó a editarse. El tema apareció finalmente en el álbum Thing-Fish, pero sin la pista de la guitarra de Al Di Meola.

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Captain Beefheart-en-Accords - Live @ Clos de la Perouse Rochefort France (2011)

Captain Beefheart-en-Accords
Clos de la Perouse Rochefort France
2011 08 27

Well, the concept of the Rochefort-en Accords festival is to invite a bunch (this time 25+) of musicians and ask them if they want to play together.
Off course, then there is no such thing as a band name, that is why I choose to anounce it as Captain Beefheart-en-Accords.

01. Hair Pie
02. Suction prints
03. Love lies
04. Party of special things to do
05. *
06. Orange claw hammer
07. Observatory crest
08. A carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond
09. Tropical hot dog night

Eric Drew Feldman - keyboards
Moris Tepper - guitar
Nicolas Mingot - guitar
Innes Sibun - guitar
Serge Teyssot-Gay - guitar
Peter 'Doot' Brunelli - bass
Leonard Le Cloarec - saxophone
Nicolas Genest - trumpet
Essra Mohawk - vocals
Francois Billard - vocals

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domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Frank Zappa - Live In New York City 1981 (DVD5)

01. Black Napkins
02. Montana
03. Easy Meat
04. Beauty Knows No Pain
05. Charlie's Enormous Mouth
06. Fine Girl
07. Teen-Age Wind
08. Harder Than Your Husband
09. Bamboozled By Love
10. We're Turning Again
11. Alien Orifice
12. Flakes
13. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
14. You Are What You Is
15. Mudd Club
16. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
17. Dumb All Over
18. Heavenly Bank Account
19. Suicide Chump
20. Jumbo Go Away
21. Stevie's Spanking
22. The Torture Never Stops
23. Strictly Genteel
24. The Illinois Enema Bandit

Frank Zappa: Guitar / Vocals
Ray White: Guitar / Vocals
Steve Vai: Guitar / Vocals
Tommy Mars: Keyboards / Vocals
Bobby Martin: Keyboards / Saxophone / Vocals
Scott Thunes: Bass / Vocals
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Ed Mann: Percussion / Vocals

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happy halloween zappianos

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is Outtakes (1980)

Halloween saw the surfacing of of the Orchestral Favorites outtakes, so I thought Christmas would be a good time for the next little outtakes surprise. A small portion of this has been seeded here before in inferior sound, but most of it should be new to the majority of FZ collectors.
Some of the tracks differ a lot in content from the released versions, while some of them may only differ in mix and mastering. You Are What You Is is a rather "radically" mastered album in terms of EQ, effects and even speed, and these versions may come across as more natural sounding in comparison, just like Crush All Boxes does to some.

Lineage: Maxell XLII cassette (2nd gen)->Denon DRM-800A->Creative SB Live->SoundForge (level adjustments, speed correction, editing, tracking)->FLAC Frontend

Thanks to Flambay for additional speed advice.
Thanks to pbuzby and drdork for additional analysis of the differences to the album.

01 The Meek (snippet)
02 Dumb All Over (no effect on FZ's voice, extended guitar solo)
03 Suicide Chump (end)
04 Jumbo Go Away (no Vai)
05 If Only She Woulda (snippet)
06 Doreen (slightly shorter than YAWYI version (but longer than CAB version) with different vocal chant at the end)
07 Teenage Wind (studio chat and count-off at start)
08 Harder Than Your Husband
09 You Are What You Is (snippet) (no Vai)
10 Dumb All Over (end)
11 Heavenly Bank Account
12 Suicide Chump (end)
13 Jumbo Go Away
14 If Only She Woulda (longer edit with more of the keyboard solo, and a few bars of vamp between the guitar solo and closing verse)
15 Drafted Again (lead guitar in "shot in the foxhole" section, instead of trumpet)
16 Teenage Wind (snippet)
17 Persona Non Grata (longer edit than Sinister Footwear 3rd Mvt, w/ Vai overdub and original live backing track)
18 Easy Meat solo (snippet)
19 Teenage Wind (w/FZ, Ike and Ray vocals, no Bob Harris or Steve Vai)
20 Harder Than Your Husband (fewer layers of backing vocals)
21 You Are What You Is (different guitar at the beginning, none of that "woo woo-hoooh" between the lyrics lines)
22 Mudd Club (no effect on FZ's voice in the spoken mid-section)
23 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (doesn't have the syndrum overdubs between lines at the start)
24 Dumb All Over (no effect on FZ's voice)
25 If Only She Woulda (end) (doesn't have the extra spoken parts from the album version)
26 Drafted Again (w/FZ vocals, no Ahmet or Moon, long ending)
27 Fine Girl (drum machine)

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jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Wild Man Fischer - Not Just Another L.A. Music Show (1992)

Wild Man Fischer a cappella medley followed by interview w/ show hosts.

NTSC dubbed with standalone dvd burner

13:46 min.

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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Frank Zappa - Trick Or Treat (1968)

1. Uncle Meat (One Note at a Time) / Son of Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask / in the Sky
2. The Big Medley
3. Bacon Fat
4. The String Quartet
5. The Wild Man Fischer Story
6. the Meany
7. Let's Make the Water Turn Black
8. Uncle Bernie's Farm


sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

Frank Zappa - Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison (2011)

Realized by FZ on his Synclavier. All tracks produced by Frank Zappa.

01. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison
02. Buffalo Voice
03. Secular Humanism
04. Worms From Hell
05. Samba Funk

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viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Frank Zappa On A Reggae Trip (1979-88)

I made a complication of some of Frank Zappa's finest songs in reggae style.
When Zappa entered the 80's of the twentieth century he began to integrate reggae influences in his recordings and performances, explaining it as backwards played third world music. Yes, if Zappa played reggae it was still reggae.

01.Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
02.Sy Borg
03.Mudd Club
04.Stick Together
05.He's So Gay
06.Fine Girl
07.Ring Of Fire


martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Sportpaleis Ahoy [Rotterdam] (1988-05-04)

00. Crowd Noise
01. Intro & Tonight's Playlist
02. Stinkfoot
03. Dickie's Such An Asshole
04. When The Lie's So Big
05. Planet Of The Baritone Women
06. Any Kind Of Pain
07. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk
08. Mr Green Genes
09. Florentine Pogen
10. Andy
11. Inca Roads
12. End Intermission
13. Eat That Question
14. Black Napkins
15. Sharleena
16. Dupree's Paradise
17. Marqueson's Chicken
18. City Of Tiny Lights
19. A Pound For A Brown
20. The Torture Never Stops
21. encore break
22. Keep It Greasey
23. Cruising For Burgers
24. encore break#2
25. Sofa
26. Crew Slut

Parte 1 / Parte 2 / Parte 3 / Parte 4

Sportpaleis Ahoy [Rotterdam] (1988-05-03)

00. Crowd Noise~Tuning
01. Intro & Playlist for tonight
02. The Black Page
03. Band Introductions
04. I Ain't Got No Heart
05. Orange County Lumber Truck Medley
06. Advance Romance
07. Find Her Finer
08. Big Swifty
09. Texas Motel Medley
10. Peaches En Regalia
11. Put A Motor In Yourself
12. Intermission & Playlist for tomorrow night
13. Sinister Footwear
14. Packard Goose Medley
15. Heavy Duty Judy
16. More Trouble Every Day
17. Penguin In Bondage
18. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
19. Bolero
20. encore break
21. Joe's Garage
22. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
23. encore break #2
24. Stairway To Heaven
25. encore break #3
26. I Am The Walrus
27. The Illinois Enema Bandit

Parte 1 / Parte 2 / Parte 3 / Parte 4

Frank Zappa - Carnegie Hall (4 CD set)

Again, in honor of FZ's favorite holiday month. Carnegie Hall (warts & all!!!). Your ticket to 11 October 1971 - 2 Full Shows, 4 CDs! Pumpkins & The Persuasions. Jack your Lanterns!!! (ZPCD102)

FZ with Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Ian Underwood, Don Preston, Jim Pons & Aynsley Dunbar.

PRE-ORDER Frank Zappa - Carnegie Hall (4 CD set)

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

The Mothers Of Invention - Armadillo World Headquarters (1973)

Frank Zappa
& The Mothers Of Invention
Armadillo World Headquarters
Austin, TX

01 Cosmik Debris (06:59)
02 Inca Roads (10:29)
03 Pygmy Twylyte (4:56)
04 The Idiot Bastard Son (2:15)
05 Cheepnis (3:38)
06 Big Swifty (9:25)
07 San Clemente Magnetic Deviation Preamble (1:26)
08 Dickie’s Such An Asshole (world premiere) (8:41)
09 Farther Oblivion (14:41)
10 Encore Tune Up (1:41)
11 Mr Green Genes Medley (16:07)
Medley includes: Son Of Mr. Green Genes, King Kong, Chunga’s Revenge, Mr. Green Genes & Dickie’s Such An Asshole reprise

Frank Zappa
Napoleon Murphy Brock
Tom Fowler
George Duke
Ruth Underwood
Bruce Fowler
Ralph Humphrey
Chester Thompson