lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

arrogant mop, vinilo edición.

A limited edition of 100 copies has been issued on blue vinyl, and with a different cover

[1] 1981/10/31-E- concert 'palladium', nyc, ny, usa
[2] 1982/05/07 concert 'isstadion', stockholm, sweden
[3] 1981/10/31-L- concert 'palladium', nyc, ny, usa

frank zappa, ed mann, ray white, chad wackerman, bobby martin, steve vai, scott thunes

side one
we're turning again [1]
alien orifice [1]
teenage prostitute [1]
flakes [1]
broken hearts are for assholes [1]

side two
disco boy [2]
teenage wind [2]
truck driver divorce [2]
montana [3]
whipping post [1]
applause [1]

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Anónimo dijo...

hello budy, NO POST on this bootleg???

zico dijo...

Hopefully there willbe a link sometime. Anyway thanks again and again. This is zappa's heaven.