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Our Man In Nirvana (1992).

Beat The Boots II:
6. Our Man In Nirvana
Frank Zappa's Mothers
Originally Released: June 1992

01. Feet Light Up 1:16
02. Bacon Fat 4:58
03. A Pound For A Brown On The Bus 8:27
04. Sleeping In A Jar 17:16
05. The Wild Man Fischer Story 3:28
06. I'm The Meany 2:03
07. Valarie 2:17
08. King Kong 30:59

Recorded at California State University, Fullerton, CA - November 8, 1968

FZ: lead guitar/vocal
Lowell George: guitar/vocal
Roy Estrada: bass/vocal
Don Preston: keyboards/electronics
Buzz Gardner: trumpet
Bunk Gardner: tenor sax
Motorhead Sherwood: baritone sax
Jimmy Carl Black: drums
Arthur Dyer Tripp III: drums
Larry "Wild Man" Fischer: guest vocals


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martin jd dijo...

sleeping in a jar de 17 minutos? tentador.. supongo XD