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Muffin Research From The Utility Kitchen - Bootleg.

Muffin Research from the Utility Kitchen

* Various live 1979-1981
* 1980 & 1982 rehearsals in the UMRK truck (?)
* Snippets from a radio special on Varèse in November 1981 (?)

Label: PHI Beta / Stemra PB 85011 (Phi Beta Kappa is an American sorority, and in the late '60s or early '70s, someone made an unauthorised Zappa poster using a picture of him on the toilet (also unauthorised) and the words "PHI ZAPPA KRAPPA"; Stemra is the Dutch organisation for collection and clearance of copyrights)

Musicians: Various

01. Yo Mama
02. Any Kind Of Pain
03. Kaiser Rolls
04. Kaiser Rolls #2 / Envelopes
05. Envelopes #2
06. Yo Mama #2
07. Sinister Footwear
08. Stevie´s Spanking
09. Filthy Habits
10. The Jazz Discharge Party Hats  w./ Lisa Popeil
11. Portuguese Lunar Landing / Zoot Allures
12. No Not Now
13. No Not Now #2 / Zoot Allures #2
14. King Kong
15. Yo Mama #3
16. Turning Again
17. Alien Orifice
18. Royal March from the "Aida" opera / Brahms Lullaby / Theme from "Mr Rogers Neighbourhood"/
    "Concert for Piano Nr 1" (Tschaikowski) all with Lisa Popeil
19. Filthy Habbits #2 / The Jazz Discharge Party Hats - incl Brahms Lullaby #2 with Lisa Popeil
20. Clowns On Velvet / Whats New In Baltimore / Moggio
21. The Dangerous Kitchen / The Black Page No. 2 - both w./ Lisa Popeil

* Tracks 1-5 claim to have been recorded in the UMRK truck; 1 & 3 in "1980" (probably february; they are rehearsal recordings), 2 at 6-Apr-1982, and 4-5 at 20-Apr-1982 (the Crush All Boxes disc in the Mystery Box has some similar, probably identical tracks)
* Track 6 live in Vancouver 01-Oct-1975
* Track 7 live in Detroit 25-Nov-1981
* Track 8 live in Hannover 26-Mar-1979

"Produced by Rob & Nobney for Cornhole Productions" - very charming. The UMRK truck band is listed as Ike Willis, Ray White, Arthur Barrow and "The Drumkit" in 1980, and as Tommy Mars, Scott Thunes, Ray White, Bobby Martin, Ed Mann, Steve Vai and Chad Wackerman in 1982. (According to this, track 5 is not a Zappa solo.) The tracks are bridged by snippets from a radio special on Varèse in 1981.


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