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Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is Outtakes (1980)

Halloween saw the surfacing of of the Orchestral Favorites outtakes, so I thought Christmas would be a good time for the next little outtakes surprise. A small portion of this has been seeded here before in inferior sound, but most of it should be new to the majority of FZ collectors.
Some of the tracks differ a lot in content from the released versions, while some of them may only differ in mix and mastering. You Are What You Is is a rather "radically" mastered album in terms of EQ, effects and even speed, and these versions may come across as more natural sounding in comparison, just like Crush All Boxes does to some.

Lineage: Maxell XLII cassette (2nd gen)->Denon DRM-800A->Creative SB Live->SoundForge (level adjustments, speed correction, editing, tracking)->FLAC Frontend

Thanks to Flambay for additional speed advice.
Thanks to pbuzby and drdork for additional analysis of the differences to the album.

01 The Meek (snippet)
02 Dumb All Over (no effect on FZ's voice, extended guitar solo)
03 Suicide Chump (end)
04 Jumbo Go Away (no Vai)
05 If Only She Woulda (snippet)
06 Doreen (slightly shorter than YAWYI version (but longer than CAB version) with different vocal chant at the end)
07 Teenage Wind (studio chat and count-off at start)
08 Harder Than Your Husband
09 You Are What You Is (snippet) (no Vai)
10 Dumb All Over (end)
11 Heavenly Bank Account
12 Suicide Chump (end)
13 Jumbo Go Away
14 If Only She Woulda (longer edit with more of the keyboard solo, and a few bars of vamp between the guitar solo and closing verse)
15 Drafted Again (lead guitar in "shot in the foxhole" section, instead of trumpet)
16 Teenage Wind (snippet)
17 Persona Non Grata (longer edit than Sinister Footwear 3rd Mvt, w/ Vai overdub and original live backing track)
18 Easy Meat solo (snippet)
19 Teenage Wind (w/FZ, Ike and Ray vocals, no Bob Harris or Steve Vai)
20 Harder Than Your Husband (fewer layers of backing vocals)
21 You Are What You Is (different guitar at the beginning, none of that "woo woo-hoooh" between the lyrics lines)
22 Mudd Club (no effect on FZ's voice in the spoken mid-section)
23 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (doesn't have the syndrum overdubs between lines at the start)
24 Dumb All Over (no effect on FZ's voice)
25 If Only She Woulda (end) (doesn't have the extra spoken parts from the album version)
26 Drafted Again (w/FZ vocals, no Ahmet or Moon, long ending)
27 Fine Girl (drum machine)

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