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Frank Zappa - A Pioneer of the Future of Music (2007) [DVD]

Frank Zappa
"A Pioneer of the Future of Music"
2007 documentary
broadcast on Dutch TV - VPRO - April, 2007

This version has user-friendly chaptering and selection menus with a lot of the interview bits directly selectable. Also the second half of the earlier seed was slightly out of synch. A two frame delay of the audio made a definite improvement. No re-encoding was done to the video or audio of the earlier seed.

Other details of this entertaining documentary:

There are a lot of bits of Frank speaking that are primarily taken from the 1971 VPRO documentary by Rudolf Kiers (footage recorded at Frank's home in 1970 and first broadcast February 11, 1971). It's all a very tight collage of old and new images and interviews.

New chapter list - more descriptive here than the selection menu allowed for it to fit onto a single screen:

1. Intro
2. Growing up
3. Denny Walley (new interview material and also live performance footage of Denny Walley with FZ edited together with Denny Walley playing solo guitar during a recent interview)
4. Composition
5. early Mothers (with new Elliot Ingber and Gail Zappa interview material)
6. "I think that progress is not possible without deviation" (FZ talks - from 1971 VPRO ducumentary)
7. Humor (with new Hal Wexler interview material)
8. Revolution (FZ talk from 1971 VPRO documentary and new Gail interview material)
9. Gail talks about The NYC Garrick Theater era
10. Footage from unknown ('70's?) date about directing the audience with hand signal improvisation (black and white)
11. The Uncle Meat file (with new Hal Wexler interview material)
12. The G.T.O.s (with new interview material)
13. Ian Underwood (with new interview material)
14. Call Any Vegetable video segment Fillmore West November 6, 1970 (from 1971 VPRO ducumentary)
15. George Duke (with new interview material)
16. The 200 Motels film
17. Frank The workoholic (new George Duke interview material)
18. part 1 closing credits
19. part 2 opening
20. George Duke (with new interview material)
21. Napoleon Murphy Brock (with new interview material)
22. Tom and Bruce Fowler (with new interview material - also Malcolm McNabb)
23. Rhythm
24. The Black Page (with new Dweezil Zappa and Terry Bozzio interview material and also live Zappa Plays Zappa footage)
25. Steve Vai (with new interview material, live with Zappa Plays Zappa and solo guitar during recent interview)
26. Pierre Boulez & Ensemble Modern (new interview material and live performance footage)
27. 1992 sessions (with new Gail Zappa interview material)
28. 1963 "Steve Allen" TV show (black and white)
29. Dweezil Zappa (new interview material and Zappa Plays Zappa footage)
30. final credits
total running time: 106 minutes

VIDEO_TS fileset from previous Dime seed > Cinematize (export as elementary streams) > DVD Studio Pro (audio/video synch adjustment plus new chaptering and title/selection menus) > new VIDEO_TS fileset (3.58 gig). md5 file created with xACT.

Thanks to Drummerdaan for the first post of this on Dime! It was originally transferred to DVD by him and is not one of the torrents of this show that was originally uploaded on the Zappateers site. I doubt than another copy of this will be able to improve on the excellent sound and video quality, especially after fine tuning the synch.

Other info from Drummerdaan's post:

This documentary has new interviews edited together with earlier documentary material and live performance videos. There is footage of Frank writing, thinking and talking about his ideas and work and various footage of Frank performing with the band.

VPRO Dutch Boadcast. English with Dutch Subtitles
First part broadcast April 22, 2007
Second part broadcast April 29, 2007

Broadcast > Philips DVDR610 in M2 mode > PC Harddrive > TMPG DVD author > Dime

Menu and Chapters included

Video/Audio Format:
MPEG-2 Video
720x576 Pixels
25 fps
PAL (Europe)
Max. Bitrate 7220kbps

Audio: AC3 (Dolby Digital 2,0)

Enjoy and SHARE!

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