miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Frank Zappa - Live @ Ljubljana (1975-11-22)

01. Introduction
02. Stink Foot
03. The Poodle Lecture
04. Dirty Love
05. Black Napkins
06. Advance Romance
07. Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
08. The Illinois Enema Bandit
09. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
10. Lonely Little Girl
11. Drum Solo

Today is the 7th anniversary of the passing of the guy that got me interested in uncle Frank back in our highschool years, he also got me into Stevie Wonder and god... and was also the first person that taught me what is now my favorite saying... "Remember there is a difference between kneeling down and bending over"

Parte 1
Parte 2

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