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Larry Wild Man Fischer - Key Club, Hollywood, CA (2001-07-07)

This was the first time Larry "Wild Man" Fischer had performed onstage in many years; he was the opening act for Daniel Johnston, and Rhino Handmade had just released the box set "The Fischer King" two years prior. (In fact, I believe this was his second-to-last performance, the final one being in Phoenix, Arizona on August 2006.) He was introduced by Melrose Larry Green, who as I recall, was running for Mayor.

Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
Live at The Key Club - Hollywood, CA
July 7, 2001

Performance includes:

(Melrose Larry Green Introduction)
My Name Is Larry
I'm The Meany
Go To Rhino Records
See Me, Feel Me (The Who)
Monkeys Versus Donkeys
The Bouillabaisse
Do The Wild Man
The Leaves Are Falling
In My Room (The Beach Boys)
Corner Of Faith
It's A Hard Business
Don't Be A Singer
"Hopefully Howard Stern Will Never Attack Me"
Jimmy Durante
I'm Working For The Federal Bureau Of Narcotics
I Light The Pilot
Yesterday (The Beatles)
Outside The Hospital
Oh Linda, No Laurie
Merry Go Round
(Melrose Larry Green)
Jennifer Jones
Nobody's Happy
(Melrose Larry Green again)
"Think I should make an album with Eric Clapton?"
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
The Mope
Corner Of Faith

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