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Prazský Výber - Adieu C.A. (1992)

Sports Hall
Prague, Czechoslovakia
June 24, 1991

01 Reminiscence  (5:27)
02 Cicolína  (6:29)
03 Knedlík [Dumpling]  (5:01)
04 Zubatá [Grim Reaper]  (4:05)
05 Spicková kultura [Top Culture]  (4:52)
06 Improvizace v A dur s Frankem Zappou  (5:32)
   [Improvisation in A Major with Frank Zappa]
07 Snazivec [Eager Beaver]  (8:16)
08 Bláznivý Reggae [Crazy Reggae]  (5:22)
09 Prazskej buran [Prague Redneck]  (6:27)
10 Tatrman (4:02)
11 Proc jen já [Why Just Me]  (8:16)

Michael Kocab - vocals, keyboards, trumpet
Michal Pavlicek - guitar
Vilem Cok - bass guitar, vocals
David Koller - drums
Stanislav Jelinek - guitar
Franta Honig - percussion
Milo Vacik - percussion
Ladislav Faktor - keyboards
The Roucek Brass Band
Frank Zappa - guitar (track 6)

Technical notes
Ripped from silver CD with iTunes 8 at 256kbps
CD booklet scanned with Agfa Scanwise, scans cropped with GraphicConverter 6
Fully tagged with album art
Titles translated with Google Translate

ULTRA rare Frank Zappa appearance at a concert to celebrate the withdrawl of Soviet troops from Czechoslovak territory in 1991. Frank states he hasn't played guitar in three years! As far as I can determine, this CD was only released in Czechoslovakia (an import CD was also released in Japan later, I think). My CD seems to be an original Czechoslovak pressing as there is no additional Japanese insert and all the text is in Czechoslovak. I translated the song titles where appropriate with Google Translate. My apologies for any mistakes or missed nuances! There are a TON of punctuation marks in the song titles that can't be kept in a simple text file, so I included a RichText file with lots more info and correct song titles for your edification.

And, as always, trade freely and NEVER SELL.

Doctor Golgo
August 19, 2011

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