viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Flint - Flint (1978)

  1. Back In My Arms Again
  2. You Got It All Wrong
  3. Too Soon To Tell
  4. Love Me Like You Used To
  5. For Your Love
  6. Keep Me Warm
  7. One Of Me
  8. Better You Than Me
  9. Rainbow
  10. You'll Never Be The Same

Produced by Don Brewer, Mel Schacher & Craig Frost

Don Brewer drums, vocals
Billy Elworthy guitar, vocals
Mel Schacher bass, guitar, vocals
Craig Frost keyboards
Frank Zappa guitar on "Better You Than Me" and "You'll Never Be The Same"
Todd Rundgren
Mark Chatfield
Ron Trombly
John Escosa II
Curt Johnson

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