jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Alice Cooper Chicken Toronto Incident 1969

This is the infamous "chicken incident" that occurred at the 1969 Rock N Roll Revival concert in Toronto, Canada. The Alice Cooper Group was playing a jam when a chicken was tossed on stage. Alice picked it up and tossed it back into the audience. The front row (which were handicapped guests) caught the bird and ripped it to shreds!!!

The next day Frank Zappa (the band's producer at the time) called Alice and asked, "Did you bite the head off a chicken on stage?" Alice laughed and denied it but Frank told him to let the press eat it up!

Here's a fun fact that barely anybody knows: The chicken incident happened more than once. The first time was in London with The Mothers of Invention, where Alice accidentally threw the chicken into the ceiling of the venue and it died on impact. The first time the audience ripped up the chicken was in San Berdino. This act was planned by the group! This is a fact from a 1969 interview.

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