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Miami Matinee Vol. I+II - AUD 2-LP

Quiero compartir este posteo con ustedes, ya que me voy de viaje una semana a las Sierras Cordobesas. A mi regreso, comienza TODOS LOS MARTES A LAS 18hs ZAPPA GRITA RADIO SHOW por Ustream. Voy a pasar todo el Mundo Zappa durante varias horas; sus discos, recitales, bootlegs, sus amigos y producciones personales.

Ahora si, a disfrutar de este maravilloso recital en Miami de 1976, rippeado de unos LPs originales. Una delicia zappiana.

Miami Matinee Volume I (LP)
Miami Matinee Volume II (LP)

* University of Florida, Miami, 16-Oct-1976
* Felt Forum, New York, 31-Oct-1976

Length: 38:51 + ~40min
Sound quality: Audience: "quite excellent" on the Miami tracks on Volume II,
inferior on Volume I, and hideous on the New York tracks
Label: KAX records LP 21489-3/4

* Miami musicians: Frank Zappa, Ray White, Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn,
Eddie Jobson and Lady Bianca Thornton/Odin
* New York musicians: Frank Zappa, Ray White, Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn
and Eddie Jobson

LP 1 / Side A
01. Intro
02. Stink-Foot [including poodle lecture]
03. Dirty Love
04. Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station
05. Tryin' to Grow a Chin

LP 1 / Side B
06. Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink
07. Would You Go All the Way?
08. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
09. What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?
10. Dinah-Moe Humm
11. The Purple Lagoon

LP 2 / Side A
12. You Didn't Try to Call Me
13. Advance Romance
14. Stranded in the Jungle

LP 2 / Side B
15. Black Napkins
16. Muffin Man

Live in Miami 16-Oct-1976 except tracks 14 and 16, which are live in New York
31-Oct-1976. The sound quality bites it on the New York tracks, and "Muffin Man"
is supposed to be especially abominable. The Miami sound is "quite excellent"
on Volume I, but not so good on Volume II. Very silly colour covers with non-1976
photos on the back. Released in 1987 and 1988.

From Larry:

Thought you might be interested to know that I am the guy who made the original
concert recordings for some of those boots, particularly Miami Matinee. I made
the mistake of sharing copies of these tapes with the wrong people, which led to
their commercial release as boots. My master tapes are qualitatively superior,
and more complete, than the multi-generational versions that eventually got

Here's a little trivia about the Miami Matinee concert that you might want to
throw onto your website. I remember the day very clearly, even though it was
28 years ago. Beautiful and sunny, with puffy clouds. The University of Miami
booked Zappa at the last second because a date in Jacksonville got cancelled
for some reason. The concert was held on the University of Miami "patio", an
outdoor gathering area adjacent to the pool. The area was usually used for
outdoor snacking on food bought in the Student Union. The patio was about the
size of the average jazz club, maybe 40 feet wide by 100 feet deep at the most,
so it was a very intimate setting. There no seats. We sat on the concrete deck
on towels, as at a picnic.

During warmup rehearsals several hours before the show, Zappa's band played
"Layla", and I could kick myself for not having my tape deck with me. My
recording equipment consisted of a Sony TC-153 SD portable stereo tape deck,
a component-quality cassette deck intended for on-location recording of non-
critical quality. (I used the same deck 4 years later to record an interview
I did with Zappa). At the time, I believe, it was the only mid-priced deck
of its kind (about $200). The next deck up was a portable reel-to-reel that
cost about $2500. I used two Sony microphones of medium quality. I forget the
specs but each mike used an AA battery internally. I think it was called an
electret condenser mike, but I'm not certain. The masters were recorded on
Maxell UD tape.

During the concert, Zappa's bodyguard, John Smothers, eyed the audience like
a hawk looking for taping equipment. I had to hide the tape deck under a
blanket with just the ends of the mikes sticking out. Smothers did catch
someone else taping the show. He went down, took the cassette out of the
guy's recorder, then went back on stage and proceeded to pull the tape out
of the cassette, one yank at a time, until it was all out. This was done in
full view of the audience, as an object lesson.

The bootleg version does not contain the complete show, nor does it play
the songs in the sequence they were performed.

Descargar Miami Vol 1
Descargar Miami Vol 2
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