jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Greasy Love Songs (2010).

The Mothers of Invention per Frank Zappa's original liner notes on Cruising With Ruben & The Jets:
Ray Collins: lead vocals
Frank Zappa: low grumbles, oo-wah & lead guitar
Roy Estrada: high weazlings, dwaedy-doop & electric bass
Jimmy Carl Black and/or Arthur Dyer Tripp III: lewd pulsating rhythm
Ian Underwood or Don Preston: redundant piano triplets
Motorhead Sherwood: baritone sax & tambourine
Bunk Gardner & Ian Underwood: tenor & alto saxes

01. Cheap Thrills (Original Mix)
02. Love Of My Life (Original Mix)
03. How Could I Be Such A Fool (Original Mix)
04. Deseri (Original Mix)
05. I'm Not Satisfied (Original Mix)
06. Jell Roll Gum Drop (Original Mix)
07. Anything (Original Mix)
08. Later That Night (Original Mix)
09. You Didn't Try To Call Me (Original Mix)
10. Fountain Of Love (Original Mix)
11. No. No. No. (Original Mix)
12. Anyway The Wind Blows (Original Mix)
13. Stuff Up The Cracks (Original Mix)
14. Jell Roll Gum Drop (Alternate Mix)
15. No. No. No. (Alternate Mix)
16. Stuff Up The Cracks (Alternate Mix)
17. Serious Fan Mail (Dialogue)
18. Valerie (Alternate Early Version)
19. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (Single Mix)
20. Secret Greasing (Dialogue)


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